Apologies: were received from A. Seward, J. Russell, T. James.


Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last meeting were accepted, proposed by K. Slater and seconded by R.O’Halloran


Matters arising:  There were no matters arising.





The past twelve months have been fairly settled, but despite appearances, they have not been without some activity by your committee. Believe it or not, some work has been going on behind the scenes!


Time has been spent investigating the different road surfacing treatments that might be used to maintain our roads, and contactors have made site visits and given advice and firm quotations. This has allowed the committee to develop a proposed maintenance programme for the next two or three years or so. Plans have also been drawn up for gateway effect posts for Wheatsheaf Lane that we discussed at last years AGM. These plans have been submitted to Spelthorne Council for pre- application advice and the Council has found the proposal acceptable in principle. We will discuss both of these issues later in the agenda and agree our way forward.


The floods issue, which took up a considerable amount of time during the previous year, has now moved into a longer-term phase of operational reviews by various working groups. In due course they will report and make recommendations on flood alleviation measures for the future. This winter’s flood season seems to have passed without further problems, but it is important that we keep in touch with developments and any future proposals, which we are able to do mainly through our association with the ThamesAwash pressure group.


Linda will report next about the Association’s funds and membership, but in overall terms the results of the last 12 months are similar to previous years.  A small number of residents still prefer not to join the Association, but we will invite them to contribute towards the cost of any repairs that we undertake in the future. Nevertheless, in overall terms, the Association retains the support of the overwhelming majority of residents.


In contrast however, it was a difficult and a disappointing decision that we had to make in canceling last years summer party, particularly so as a considerable amount of preparatory work had already been undertaken by the committee.



I am not sure whether there is a growing lack of enthusiasm for this kind of event, or whether it was simply circumstantial with people already committed and unable to attend. We will discuss this more fully later on the agenda, before deciding whether we should try again this year. 




Finally, and once again, my thanks are extended to all members of the committee for their support, advice and their efforts during the past year.

In particular I would like to extend a big thanks to Ann who has done a sterling job as the Association’s secretary for several years. I think she deserves a break after such a long stint – enjoy your retirement Ann!





The Treasurer submitted a balance sheet showing income and expenditure for the year to 31.12.2004.


Out of 84 houses, 64 paid for 2004, with a total of  £1,470.00  in subscriptions received in 2004.  After going through the expenditure for the year of £96 we were left with a balance in the account of £8,227.14, she further proposed subscriptions for 2005 would be £62 as agreed at last year’s AGM, working on the principle subs to be kept inline with inflation each year.  K. Slater suggested the subscription should remain at £60, but following discussion and a vote, it was agreed, with one vote against, that the subscription for 2005 would be £62.


Joan Tate asked how many of the houses were in fact empty – it was not known.


The treasurer informed the meeting that a Nationwide Treasurer’s Account had been opened to gain a better rate of interest.


The accounts were accepted, proposed by D.Blum and seconded by A. Duncan.





As mentioned in the Chairman’s report A. Peake was standing down from the board and as secretary.

Geoff Richardson agreed to remain and stand as chairman and the remaining members, Linda Graves, Paul Dodd, Bob Douglas, Richard O’Halloran and Alan Seward all agreed to stand again and were proposed by David Rowley and seconded by Sue O’Halloran.

A new resident, Gulbin Musters of 87 Thames Side volunteered to join the board and act as secretary, this was agreed.





The Chairman informed the meeting that K.Slater had recommended a company to use for re-surfacing the roads called ASI and that he had invited them, along with O’Hara and one other company who did not respond, to quote for various road surface treatments and options.  Various drawings, proposals and quotations were available for the meeting to see and the Chairman and  K.Slater went through the quotations. We had a quote from ASI for Thames Side for £8,900 and one from O’Hara for the same area at £19,000.








The vast difference in the two quotes according to K.Slater was due to the fact O’Hara were quoting for a thick surface overlay whereas ASI were quoting for a restorer/preserver/rejuvenator system plus using a Rhinopatch system to repair potholes which K.Slater said were very good and should preserve what’s already there for c.7 years.  A quote was also given to Rhinophalt Wheatsheaf Lane, a treatment that sinks in, bonds and penetrates the existing surface to prolong its life.


Sue O’Halloran asked if the potholes would be filled in but was told they would have to be treated separately.


P.Berquis asked about soakaways but K.Slater said these were not in the quote, this was a surface treatment only.


D.Blum asked about drainage and the potholes outside his house as he gets large ponds each time it rained, K.Slater agreed a soakaway was required but as it would have to be deep it would be very expensive, R.O.Halloran suggested looking at a map of the drainage system for the area to see if anything could be done.


After much discussion the Chairman said the proposals were to resurface Thames Side with the ASI Rhinoseal treatment this year, and to rejuvenate Wheatsheaf Lane with the ASI Rhinophalt treatment next year, and asked the meeting if they were in agreement with this, it was carried unanimously.


Following discussion at last year’s AGM about installing ‘chevron style’ posts at the end of Wheatsheaf Lane to encourage the perception it was a private road the Chairman asked for a show of hands to spend £110 to put in for planning permission now the drawings had been done, there were 3 No’s, the rest of the meeting were in agreement.  Discussion ensued and the Chairman asked again who was for the idea and who against, there were 18 for and 6 against, it was agreed the application would go ahead.  Andy Duncan asked if the permission was granted would there be an emergency meeting before anything was done and the chairman agreed there would be.




The Chairman explained the reasoning behind cancelling the party in 2004, namely that out of the 20 households that responded giving 70 attending, nearly half this number came from just 4 households inviting family and friends, which from the neighbourhood, and the essence of the party, was not a very good response, there was also a shortage of volunteers for collecting, storage and supplying the music which made the mechanics of the day very difficult to manage and the chairman and board finally made the decision to cancel, as it turned out, the weather was appalling so with hindsight if was probably a blessing as it rained most of the day and all night!



The Chairman asked the meeting if they still wanted to continue with the party idea, D.Blum said it would be a pity to stop and financially it was worth doing as we made a small profit, though as the chairman pointed out, that was not the idea.  David Drew asked if a licence was needed if we had music, C.Miles responded it was required if you sold alcohol.


The Chairman asked for volunteers for 2005, Greg Harvey, Gulbin Musters and Sue O’Halloran offered their help and J.Tate said it was a nice opportunity for new residents to get involved and meet people.


It was agreed the Chairman would ask residents in the next newsletter if they wanted a party and would they be prepared to help if they did.





The Chairman touched on the subject of youths and anti-social behaviour and informed those present of a meeting with the local councillors and police that was taking place the following night at the Community Centre in Staines at 7pm, several members at the meeting said they would be attending.  The Chairman was asked if a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme was still in force and he said he had asked a policeman about it recently who had seemed vague and didn’t know much about it, it was mentioned that Jim Russell had indicated if there was such a scheme he would be happy to be involved.


The Chairman asked if residents still wanted to contribute to the Thames Awash scheme, C. Miles commented the SSRA funds were for the roads but the chairman reminded him the constitution was amended last year, as agreed, following the severe flooding as it was felt the riverside was just as much a factor to be dealt with as the roads now, a show of hands gave 10 against and 7 for, it was mentioned individuals could contribute if they wanted to.


The Chairman commented on a letter from Spelthorne re any proposed future planning proposals for the field owned by Strodes College which stated that they viewed the future of the field as only suitable for agricultural, forestry or outdoor sports/recreational use and in any event the EA would have to be consulted and as the area was a designated flood plain it was more than likely planning permission would not be given.


On closing, Andy Duncan gave a vote of thanks from the floor to Ann Peake as she was standing down, for her services as secretary.


The meeting closed at 9.25pm.