Apologies:  Alan Hyde, Keith Slater, Joan Tait, Ken & Joyce Johnston, Brian Street, Ray Fairy, Bob & Betty Montgomery.


Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last AGM held 19th March 2007 were accepted and proposed by David Rowley and seconded by Anne Peak.


Matters arising:  There were no matters arising.


15 households were represented (total 18 people attended AGM inclusive of committee). 




 You will no doubt be pleased to know that my report will be short this year. It was decided at last year’s AGM that the Association would have a year of consolidation to build up funds, with no major expenditure on road maintenance. Also, unlike previous years, there have been no external local issues requiring a response from the Association. As a result there is not a great deal to report.


Nevertheless, your committee has not been completely idle. Time has been spent dealing with various issues which include

·        Obtaining advice and estimates for our future preventative road maintenance programme

·        Investigating options and obtaining estimates for dealing with our surface drainage problems, and

·        Reminding forgetful members to pay their annual subscription to the Association

We will discuss these issues more fully later on the agenda.


A lot of effort went into the preparations for the summer party, not only by the committee but also by Joan Tait and her team of catering volunteers. It was very disappointing to cancel the event only 48 hours beforehand, which I am sure you will remember was due to the atrocious summer weather. It was a difficult decision as there had been a very good response, with tickets for 112 adults and 18 children already sold, and a lot of food already purchased. The decision proved to be the right one as the day and evening were completely washed out. Joan did a superb job by managing to sell off the food that already been purchased, and I particularly thank her for the considerable time and effort she gave in organising the catering arrangements for the party.


As far as I am aware, our neighbourhood does not seem to have been unduly affected by low level crime or anti-social behaviour during the past year. A few car break-ins occurred earlier last year, and more recently a garage was broken into, but I have not heard of any other incidents over the past few months. By way of reminder, Gulbin Chaworth-Musters is our neighbourhood watch co-ordinator, and it is helpful if she is advised of any incidents in the neighbourhood.


I reported last year that Spelthorne BC had been organising various local meetings aimed at improving its links with resident associations and local residents. These seem to have tailed off during the past year, probably, I suspect, because there has been insufficient substance to make the meetings worthwhile. It needs a significant local problem to emerge, such as flooding from the Thames, to generate interest and attendance at local meetings.


On the issue of floods, I attended the only meeting of the Spelthorne Community Support Group that has been held during the past 12 months. This is the local flood monitoring group which acts in a two-way liaison capacity with the much larger regional group called the Thames Flood Forum. A recent review of the role of the Thames Flood Forum means that in future it will only meet once a year. The bottom line on the floods issue remains unchanged, in that possible engineering projects, aimed at reducing flood risk in the lower Thames region, are unlikely to materialise for a long time – probably 15 to 20 years. In trying to deal with an issue of this nature, I recognise that the Association’s views may have little or no impact, but I think it is important that the Association is seen to show interest, and at least monitors future proposals and developments as they emerge.


In summary, I think the Association is in reasonable shape and is managing to fulfil its primary purpose of maintaining our roads to an acceptable standard. Year on year, membership is fairly consistent, standing at around 80% of eligible households.



Finally, and most importantly, it just remains for me to thank all the members of the committee for the time, effort, and support they have given to the Association over the past year.





The Treasurer submitted a balance sheet showing income and expenditure for the year to 31.12.2007.


Out of 84 houses, 70 have paid for 2007, with a total of £4,013.00 in subscriptions (received before 31.12.07). The Treasurer informed that the Nationwide Treasurer’s Account  brought an interest of £109.37. The sale of four Statuary Declarations brought £160.00, with an additional £14.00 accrual from a 2006 Statutory Declaration. With the balance brought forward of £2,442.41, from 2006 the total funds available in 2007 was £6,738.78.


After going through the expenditure for the year (AGM room hire, road repairs, Declaration Oath,  summer party cancellation) we were left with a balance in the account at the end of 2007 of £6,375.61. 


The accounts that have been previously audited by David Rowley, were accepted by the members, proposed by Andy Duncan and seconded by David Blum.


Following discussion and a vote, it was agreed by the members, that the subscription for 2008 would be £66, an increase of £1. Yearly subscription runs from January to December.







Geoff Richardson proposed to stand down, but in the absence of any volunteers agreed to remain and stand as chairman for a further 12 months. However, Geoff did reinforce to the members that after this period he fully intend to stand down. Phil Bergquist advised he was to stand down this year. The remaining members, Paul Dodd, Bob Douglas, Richard O’Halloran, Alan Seward and Gillian Kneale agreed to continue as members.


Two new members were elected to the committee; David Rowley agreed to take on the Treasurer role and Andy Duncan was to join the committee. The election of the new committee was proposed by Sheila Duncan and seconded by Greg Harvey.






The Chairman reminded the meeting that last years AGM had asked the committee to investigate and bring to this AGM estimates for (a) jointing and sealing to Riverside Close(b) a new surface to the stretch of Thames Side between 67 and 71 and (c) surface drainage improvements to serious flooding areas on the estate. In addition the committee had also obtained estimates for general patch repairs to degrading areas and potholes on our three roads. In summary, the following estimates were presented to the meeting:-







Circular concrete ring under-road soak-away (2.8 cubic metres capacity)



It was agreed that the Association could not afford to do everything this year, and that we had to determine our priorities in the light of available funds. Surface drainage was seen to be a persistent and increasing problem, with the most serious area where the cut from Thames Side meets Riverside Close. Other persistent flooding areas were identified as between 84 and 89 Thames Side, and towards the bottom of Wheatsheaf Lane outside of 1 and 2 Riverside Close. After lengthy discussion it was agreed that:-


  1. It was too costly to re-surface Thameside between 67 and 71 and that patch repairs should be undertaken to degrading areas on this stretch of road.

  2. Jointing and sealing to Riverside Close should be deferred for this year and reviewed again at next years AGM

  3. A further estimate should be obtained for installing a box formation soak-away system to alleviate flooding where the cut from Thames Side meets Riverside Close. The committee were authorised to action the most cost effective quotation.

  4. The committee to investigate the possibility of installing drainage to an existing large soak-away located in the rear garden of 85 Thames Side to alleviate flooding from Thames Side. The committee to determine in the light of feasibility and the estimated cost whether to action this proposal or not.

  5. The committee to take professional advice and agree the priority areas for patch repairs, and to action subject to the amount of funds available.







The committee suggested the same format for 2008 as that of 2006 and this was accepted.


·        Proposed date 28th of June was agreed.

·        Joan Tait has kindly volunteered to do the food organisation.

·        Pre-planning meeting will be held on Monday 12th of May at 8.00 pm at Joan’s house.

·        Phil Bergquist to provide the music.


Following discussion and a vote by the committee and members it was agreed to increase the ticket price by 50p to £8.00.







  1. Some issues were raised regarding properties on Riverside Close having floral/ plants outside of their garden parameters, restricting vehicular access and manoeuvers on the Thames Side road. Geoff suggested a gentle reminder in the Newsletter.

  2. The road name plate for Riverside Close and Thames Side will be re-erected.



 The meeting closed at 9.15pm