Apologies:   Joan Tait, Gillian Kneale, Brian Hobday.

Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last AGM held 3rd March 2008 were accepted and proposed by Anne Peak and seconded by Saj Rossa.

Matters arising:  There were no matters arising.

15 households were represented (total 18 people attended AGM inclusive of committee).



The past year has proved to be a year where everything went more or less to plan, and without any external events impacting on the work of your committee.

Our primary task is to ensure our roadways are maintained to an acceptable standard. Following agreement at last years AGM, the committee obtained further estimates for three maintenance tasks: firstly to install a soak-away system to alleviate frequent surface water flooding where the Cut from Thames Side meets Riverside Close; secondly to install drainage at another flooding spot along Thames Side into an existing soak-away at 85 Thames Side; and thirdly to determine any priority road surface areas for repair. In the light of these estimates a programme of works was subsequently undertaken during the summer by our resident road engineer, Keith Slater, for what the committee considered to be a very reasonable price. As a result, flooding problems at the Cut are less severe, although not completely eliminated at times of torrential rainfall. Flooding problems along a stretch of Thames Side have also been reduced. Dilapidated road signage around the estate has also been repaired or replaced, with some stronger wording aimed at deterring unwanted parking at the end of Wheatsheaf Lane. It remains to be seen to what extent the new signage deters car parking during the summertime.

In overall terms, I believe our approach of continuous preventative maintenance is keeping the general condition of the estate roads at an acceptable standard. Our previous use of the asphalt rejuvenation treatment combined with regular patch repairs to degrading areas of road seems to be working satisfactorily, at a price which Association members are prepared to pay. I think it is important to keep in mind how much it might now cost to undertake the alternative scenario of overlaying asphalt to existing road surfaces. As a guide: Wheatsheaf Lane would cost around £22K; or the whole of Thames Side around £34K. And these figures could be doubled if the road base needs to be re-instated.

 On the social side, and despite a poor summer, we were fortunate to have a nice day and evening for our Summer Party which went off without a hitch. It was very well attended with 130 tickets sold, and with a small profit going into the Association’s funds. My thanks are extended to everyone who helped to make the occasion work. In particular, I must single out Joan who yet again did a marvellous job in organising the catering arrangements for the party.

 On the issue of local low level crime, I am aware of a small number of vehicle break-ins around the estate over the past year. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a great deal we can do, other than to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Gulbin Chaworth-Musters is still our NHW co-ordinator, and any minor crime events in the neighbourhood should be reported to her. She in turn passes the information onto the Police NHW organizer.

Finally, I am pleased to say that membership of the Association remains strong and consistent, with support from over 80% of households.

It just remains for me to thank all the members of the committee for their time, their effort, and all the support they have given to me and the Association over the past year.



 The Treasurer submitted a balance sheet showing income and expenditure for the year to 31.12.2008.

 Out of 84 houses, 70 have paid for 2008, with a total of £5,239.00 in subscriptions received. 71 subscriptions were received for 2007, confirming our membership is stable. Of the 84 houses, 2 are empty at this time and with the traditional 12 non-payers we are thought to be in good shape.

 The total funds available for 2008 were £11,971.72 and expenditure on road repairs and road signage was £4,910.00. The balance of account at 31st December 2008 was £7,036.92.  

This is considered to be a healthy position, before subscriptions received for 2009, and will allow expenditure to maintain the condition of the Associations roads to proceed. 

The accounts have been audited by Linda Graves and were accepted by the members.

Following discussion and a vote, the Committee’s proposal to hold subscription levels for 2009 at £66.00, as in 2008, was agreed. The yearly subscription runs from January to December.



The Chairman restated his position that after 6 years in the role he wishes to stand down, but once again there were no volunteers for the position. One solution would be for someone to take on the role of Treasurer, as David Rowley is prepared to accept the Chairman’s position if a replacement Treasurer could be found.  There were no volunteers at the meeting and therefore Geoff Richardson was prepared to continue as Chairman for another 12 months. He did however reinforce that he could not continue indefinitely and will actively pursue the new Treasurer situation. David Rowley was therefore prepared to continue as Treasurer, and Gillian Kneale was also prepared to continue as Secretary.

The remaining committee members Alan Seward, Bob Douglas, Richard O’Halloran and Andy Duncan were prepared to continue as members.

 Paul Dodd announced that he is to stand down after 6 years as a member of the committee and Brian Hobday has volunteered to join in his place. The election of the new committee was proposed by David Blum and seconded by Sheila Duncan.



The committee has reviewed the condition of the Associations roads and has obtained estimates for the following works that are considered necessary to be undertaken in 2009. To maintain the roads in what is thought to be a reasonable condition at this time the following actions were proposed:

a)      Approximately 60m square of general patch repairs to degrading areas on all roads in the estate to prevent further deterioration. Two days patching work at approx £2,530.00 total cost.

b)      Jointing and sealing to the cracks in Riverside Close. One days work at approx. £2,500.00.  Main longitudial joint and most severe transverse joints to be sealed.

c)      Routine maintenance (cleaning-out) of the soakaways that have been installed at the Associations expense. Estimated cost £350.00, when necessary.

The total estimated cost for this programme of work is £5,400.00 and the committee proposed that it be undertaken in Summer 2009. Anne Peak proposed that the works as described should proceed, and Bob Montgomery seconded the proposal.



The committee proposed that the traditional, successful format be adopted once again, and that the party be held on Saturday, June 27th. This was agreed by the meeting.

 Joan Tait has again volunteered to organise the food and she will be holding a planning meeting in early May, date and time to be confirmed. It is hoped that Phil Bergquist will be available to provide the music.

Following discussions and a vote it was agreed that the ticket price be increased to £9.00 this year.

The Chairman stated that all help will be gratefully received if we are to have another successful event, and help is particularly sought to dismantle the party venue at the end of the evening.


  1. David Blum expressed his thanks to the committee, and that the soakaway installed in Thames Side in Summer 2008 has resolved a long standing flooding problem. A great success!!!!


  1. Saj Rossa commented favourably on the new signage that was installed in 2008.


  1. The Chairman thanked everybody present for their attendance.


 The meeting closed at 20.21pm

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