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Apologies:   Andy Duncan, Phil Bergquist, Richard O’Halloran, Alan Seward,  Jim Russell, Ken & Joyce Johnston.

Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last AGM held 16th March 2010 were accepted and proposed by Paul Dodd and seconded by Bob Montgomery.

Matters arising:  There were no matters arising.

15 households were represented (total 18 people attended AGM inclusive of committee).



2010 was a quiet year for the Association, quieter than was intended as the resurfacing of the rear of Thameside was put off due to unsuitable weather conditions.  Keith Slater, our resident roadways guru was here tonight to tell us of the state of the roads currently and what he considers the priorities to be for the next 2/3 years. I will not go into any more detail now as we will simply be going over the same ground twice. I will mention however that when Keith and I inspected the roads earlier this year he was of the opinion that they had stood up very well to the ravages of last winter, one of the most severe for some years. This fact bears witness to the effectiveness of the continuing maintenance regime which this Association manages.

Our  Summer Party was blessed with very good weather again and the event  turned in a substantial profit, which benefits the Associations funds. As ever many thanks to the ladies who put on such a super spread and  particular thanks to Joan Tait who pulls everything together. There is, I’m afraid, one sour note. In the past we have always had plenty of helpers to put up and strike the marquee and to help with packing and unpacking the tables. Last year there were just 5 of us left to strike the tent. 5 is the absolute minimum and this situation cannot be allowed to happen again.



The I + E account shows a healthy balance at the end of last year of £ 8244.69p. Since then I have collected 3 more 2010 subscriptions and received some early 2011 which has brought the balance up to £ 9168.00.

The bank balance includes the figure of approximately £6K which we were hoping to spend on a slurry resurfacing of a large area to the rear of Thameside last autumn, but were unable start to due to adverse weather conditions.  It is expected that this work will now take place in May, prior to which some extra patching will take place, both at the rear of Thameside and also along Wheatsheaf lane.  The budget for the patching in both areas is approx. £ 2.5K.  The combined total of the slurry resurfacing and the patching will therefore be in the region of £ 8.5K. We have this money available and will still have in the region of £ 500 in the kitty, before the 2011 subscriptions are received.

As you will see, income from subscriptions is up on last year but this is not quite the whole story. Last year quite a few members paid after the end of December 2009, thus boosting the actual cash income for the year 2010. This year ( 2011 ) I have received just 3 payments for the previous year. At this time I have received 2010 subscriptions from 68 households. This compares with 71 in 2009. Admittedly 2009 was one of the best years ever but the reduction is still a disappointment.  As an Association we will need to raise a considerable sum for identified roadworks in the next two years and, in the interest of fairness, it is hoped that more residents will contribute to the maintenance of the roads that we all rely on. 

On the basis that in a good year the Association will receive 70 payments from residents, the current subscription of £ 66.00 will bring in £4820.00. This year I have already received £ 660.00 of this figure.  As we will hear from Keith Slater, £ 12K will be required to resurface Wheatsheaf Lane, and this figure is based on current prices, which are linked to the current price of oil. It would appear therefore that it will be well into 2013 when most of that years subscription income has been received, before we will be in a position to carry out that work.

Income apart from subscription is almost entirely due to Joan Tait and her team of ladies who turned in a fantastic £ 325 profit on the summer party, enough to compensate for 5 non payers.

As in previous years you will notice that the expenditure side of the account shows no figures for printing, thanks to Richard O Halloran, no auditors fees, thanks to Linda Graves, and no postage / telephone costs, thanks to me.

The accounts were proposed and seconded by Keith Slater and David Bloom.



The Acting Chairman, David Rowley, stated his position that he wished to stand down, but as there had been no volunteers for the position accepted the role for a further year. David Rowley would also continue in his position of Treasurer.

Gillian Kneale was prepared to continue as Secretary.

The remaining committee members Alan Seward, Bob Douglas, Richard O’Halloran, Andy Duncan and Brian Hobday were prepared to continue as members.

The election of the new committee was proposed by Paul Dodd and seconded by Geoff Richardson.



Keith Slater addressed the meeting.  As already stated, the slurry resurfacing of the rear of Thameside was put off due to unsuitable weather conditions, this is estimated at a cost of approx £6k. It is expected that this work will now take place in May, prior to which some extra patching will take place, both at the rear of Thameside and also along Wheatsheaf lane. The budget for the patching in both areas is approx. £ 2.5K.

With this work completed, Riverside will be in a sound condition. Riverside Close is also holding up well and should not require much expenditure in the immediate future. Wheatsheaf Lane does present some problems however. The road was resurfaced some 20 years ago and is now showing significant signs of wear; the surface is very uneven and is cracking in places. The patching referred to in the previous paragraph will offer some temporary relief but a major resurfacing, with the existing road surface being cut away before the resurfacing takes place, will be needed eventually. As all residents use Wheatsheaf Lane this project should be our next priority, when the money is available.  Costs ( at today’s material prices could be £ 12,000. Keith will be investigating an alternative resurfacing product that might be less expensive.

The Committee and residents in attendance agreed with progressing with the above maintenance procedures.



Last years Summer Party was yet another great success, and the event turned in a substantial profit, which benefits the Associations funds.

However, due to issues arising, (lack of volunteers to strike down the marquee and packing away, the band being unavailable this year), it was proposed that the residents be balloted on whether to proceed in 2011.

It was agreed that residents would be asked via the Newsletter accompanying the AGM minutes. The final decision would be made based on feedback from the residents.

It was proposed if it was to go ahead it would be the last Saturday in June. Ticket prices, volunteers, event coordinators were not discussed at this point.



Membership costs have remained unchanged for several years now. Due to the level at which inflation is running, particularly within the oil based products used for road maintenance, it was proposed that membership be increased from £66pa to £68pa. A vote was cast and the increase approved, 12/ 2.

Residents were again reminded that Gulbin Chaworth-Musters and Jim Russell act as NHW co-ordinators, and any minor crime events in the neighbourhood should be reported to them. They in turn pass the information onto the Police NHW organizer.

Mr Kwasi Kwarteng, our Spelthorne Member of Parliament, attended the meeting and took the opportunity to meet the Association and introduce himself.

Mr Kwarteng encouraged the residents to contact him at any time with issues that affect us that we may want clarification on, or that he can address in the House of Commons on our behalf. 

Amongst things discussed were the Thames Flood Defence programme, and the EU bail out of Portugal (as requested by Jim Russell).

The meeting closed at 8.38

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