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Apologies:   Richard O’Halloran, Alan Seward & Brian Hobday.


Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last AGM held 20th April 2011 were accepted and proposed by Paul Dodd and seconded by Sheila Duncan.


Matters arising:  There were no matters arising.


22 households were represented (total 26 people attended AGM inclusive of committee).





The Acting Chairman reported that there are only two items of a “non road maintenance” nature to report on


Firstly Thames Water sent round a leaflet which seemed to imply that we would all be responsible for the sewers on private land, which of course is the whole area covered by this Association. As reported in the December newsletter he had obtained a letter from Thames Water stating that this is not the case


Secondly, the Summer Party did not take place last year, however, the ladies who have provided such wonderful food in the past have agreed to run the whole show in future, you will have had some information from them regarding their plans. I will for the last time express our collective thanks to Joan Tait who for so long has organised the catering side of the party with quiet efficiency. Joan has expressed a wish to step back from the front line and make way for younger residents. Thanks again Joan. A request has been made that SSRA make available to the ladies the profit made on the last party, ( £325.00 )  to fund the purchase of equipment, principally a marquee. This has been agreed by the Committee although they haven’t asked for the cash yet.


With the change of responsibility for the Summer Party this Association is now solely concerned with the maintenance of the roadways.


The long delayed slurry coating of Thameside took place in September 2011. Prior to this, substantial patching work took place on all three of our roads. We have experienced a hiccup with the slurry coating in that the Contractor laid a double thickness coating instead of the single one requested. On the face of it this is a good deal for the SSRA as this road will last twice as long as expected. As you will see in the 2011 accounts we have paid Keith Slater’s company the quoted amount for a single layer, as this was the amount agreed at a previous ( 2010 ) AGM. I shall return to this matter after the new committee has been elected.





The Associations’ affairs were reported to be quite healthy. The current balance at the bank stands at £ 6223.00 after paying out this year (2012) the cost of the Thameside slurry treatment and the receipt this year of 3 more subscriptions for 2011. Despite our current hard financial times I can report that 70 households had paid their subs for 2011, an increase of 1 on 2010 and only 1 short of the all time record.  The list of members will shortly be updated on our web site. Obviously the only point of this exercise is to highlight the non-members.


There is only one item of significant expenditure on the 2011 balance sheet, that of

£ 3140.00, this was for the patching work previously referred to. Once again you will notice the absence of any expenditure for photocopying, thanks to Richard O Halloran, Auditors fees, thanks to Linda Graves and stationery and post, thanks to yours truly.


The accounts were proposed and seconded by Keith Slater and David Bloom.





The Acting Chairman, David Rowley, agreed to accept the role for a further year, and will continue in his position of Treasurer.


Gillian Kneale was prepared to continue as Secretary.


Richard O’Halloran, Bob Douglas and Andy Duncan will also remain committee



Both Alan Seward and Brian Hobday have found their professional commitments are taking up more and more of their time and were not re-proposed. We would like to thank them both for all their time and effort in the past.


The election of the new committee was proposed by Alan Hyde and seconded by Paul Dodd.






In the last 2 weeks David Rowley approached 3 of the operatives who were carrying out patching work in Penton Road, for Spelthorne Council .He offered them an incentive of

£ 35.00 each to patch 5 areas needing repairs in Wheatsheaf Lane and Riverside Close. They agreed, and although this may be perceived as fuelling the black economy, this really was an extremely cost effective way of getting a small job done. The £105.00 cost will appear in this year’s accounts.


Keith Slater, our resident roads guru, was then asked to report to the meeting his opinion of the current state of our roads. He was able to tell us that, with the exception of both ends of Thameside which were looking rather “ tired”, both Thameside and Riverside Close were in good shape and unlikely to need substantial expenditure for some years. Wheatsheaf Lane however is in need of a complete resurfacing, in order to protect the underlying base which is basically sound. Keith outlined two alternative treatments, firstly, either a single or double slurry coating. This was estimated to cost circa £ 7 / 8.000 pounds. An alternative and superior treatment would involve a cost of £ 14.000 at today’s prices.


The Acting Chairman then returned to the Thameside slurry coating job which was completed last September. This work was carried out by Wilson and Scott. These people are a long established road contractor. Keith Slater utilises them for a considerable percentage of his company’s business and decided that he would pay the full price for the double layer rather than fall out with them. This obviously has left him out of pocket. David Rowley has subsequently had a meeting with Keith to discuss the best way to resolve this issue.


The committee has already discussed this and proposes that we pay Keith’s company a further £ 949.70. The cost of a single layer was £ 3798.40, so, pro rata we will be getting the extra layer at a greatly reduced cost. He also drew attention to just how attractive the rates obtained on our behalf by Keith were. We have paid £ 3.35 per sq.m, for the last job. The acting Chairman did get alternative quotations, the latest ( Colas ) quoted a price of £ 11.20


The AGM agreed to make the additional payment of £979 to Keith Slater. This was proposed by John Haw and seconded by J Rossa.


Our finances will be £ 5K in hand after payments for the recent patching work and the payment to Keith Slater. It is expected that we get at least 50 subscriptions in to our account by mid summer, i.e. another £3.4k. With no other urgent expenditure on the horizon we would therefore have in excess of £ 8K available for the Wheatsheaf Lane treatment. This means that we can afford to have the slurry coating option carried out THIS year. The more expensive (£ 14K) option would not be achievable before 2014. In that time we would inevitably have further expenditure for patching and joint sealing. It was therefore proposed that we ask Keith to get robust quotes for these works, for both a single and double slurry treatment. If funds are sufficient we will proceed with this work. It was proposed that the double slurry option be preferable.


The Committee and residents in attendance agreed with progressing with the above maintenance procedures. This was proposed by Paul Dodd and seconded by Greg Harvey.


Although inflation is rising it was proposed that membership costs remain the same as 2011, i.e. £68 per household, particularly as we are having a reasonable success in collecting subscriptions.


This proposal was agreed by the AGM, Geoff Richardson was proposer and this was seconded by Greg Harvey.





There was no other business


The meeting closed at 8.45


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