Apologies:  Richard O’Halloran, Gill Kneale, Sarge Rossa, Gill & John Howe, Ken Johnston, David Evans,

Paul Dodd


Minutes of the last meeting:  The minutes of the last AGM held on 6th January 2014 were accepted and proposed by David Rowley and seconded by Phil Berquist.


Matters arising:  There were no matters arising.


Approximately 30 households were represented (approximately 50 people attended AGM inclusive of committee).





2014 has been a challenging year for many of you with last winters flooding   and we all hope that things do and can return to normal for everyone affected.   We’ve also had an unusual amount of houses sold this year and I would like to welcome all the new residents


The purpose of this meeting is:


·         To report to the members the activity of the association

·         To elect the committee for 2015

·         To outline any proposed work and expenditure for the forthcoming year and obtain approval from the members for this.


The aim of this association is the maintenance of the three roads that make up our Resident’s Association Area.  Our Roads are in a reasonable shape apart from a few patches including a large pothole outside 28 Riverside and some minor patches that could do with repairing so that really is our main intention for the forthcoming year.


The long term goal is to build a large enough fund to enable the major resurfacing projects in Wheatsheaf Lane and Thames Side.


As reported in previous years the main part of Riverside Close has a good foundation so we don’t expect any major problems there for the foreseeable future


The only real expenditure this year has been a repair to an area of damage in Thames Side.  We also had hedges and verges cut back in Riverside close and Thames Side that seem to have flourished after the flooding.





Back in January 2014 at the AGM, I volunteered to become Treasurer for the SSRA, little did I know at that time what lay ahead for many of us.  That evening some residents had received first River Thames flood warnings… Unfortunately from that day forward, for some of us it became one of the most challenging, emotional and harrowing years that we had experienced to-date. The river came knocking at our doors, came through our walls and up through our floors too.


So having said this, the collection of subscriptions for 2014 was a little more challenging than it may have been in previous years.  However we did manage to achieve the following prior to the closure of the 2014 Accounts:


Wheatsheaf Lane               16 Properties                     10 Payments

Riverside Close                    34 Properties                     19 Payments

Thameside                             34 Properties                     18 Payments

Total                                         84 Properties                     47 Payments                      56%


Income Total £3290.00 for 2014 Subscriptions.


During the year Expenditure totalled £1,286.80 of which £990.00 was attributed to Road Repairs on Thameside, and £280.00 spent on the tidying and trimming of Hedges and Verges in all three locations.  

Further details can be found in the Income & Expenditure Report attached.


The Opening Balance for 2014 was £7,015.59 and we have closed 2014 at £9,234.13, of which £573.95 does not form part of the SSRA, as this belongs to the Silvery Sands Social Team as part of their Summer Party funds.

Prior to this AGM I have managed to have a push on 2014 outstanding subscriptions and have subsequently been able to collect a further 9 payments.  This will be allocated in 2015 Accounts.


2015 Subscriptions will at this time remain at £70.00, and I will be aiming to increase the number of payments received in this period.





It was asked to the residents in attendance if anybody wanted to become a member of the Committee.  Nobody came forward and the existing committee were all happy to carry on so this was agreed.


Nik Keyser             Chairman

Dawn Seward       Treasurer

Gillian Kneale        Secretary

Bob Douglas

Andy Duncan






Keith Slater, who is a resident in Wheatsheaf Lane, stood up to give us all an insight into how the roads really are.  In his expert opinion he feels that although on the surface the roads look reasonable if you look more closely you can see, in many areas, the surface has “alligator” cracking.  This cracking could allow weather to get into over the next few winters.


This could potentially cause the surface to break up even more, causing even greater damage. If we are just to carry on patching for the next few years then eventually these patches will join up and may cause the substrate to collapse. This would then lead to a major resurfacing project anyway.


This damage hasn’t been helped by the weight of some of the delivery trucks coming down our roads; however it was pointed out that we need these large vehicles to deliver especially with the amount of building work that is underway in the area due mainly to the re building of the flooded homes .


Keith believed that the cost to resurface Wheatsheaf Lane could be in the region of £20,000 and up to £40,000 for Thames side if it was to be done properly with a long lasting surface.


It was proposed that we put a subcommittee together to project and plan what work is needed and to what timescales.  With this information we will be able to forecast what level subscriptions might be required to afford this within a sensible amount of time.


Obviously we can keep patching it up but Keith stated that eventually we will require a major repair.


It was also suggested that we put weight limit signs up to discourage heavy trucks and minimise future damage but Keith explained that it would not be enforceable.  This would be cost prohibitive too.  Those affected by the flooding are grateful that the heavy trucks are able to deliver.



We have had a problem with drainage in Riverside a few weeks ago. The council won’t get involved as we are an un-adopted road so I have been in contact with some drain companies and Happy Drains appeared to be the cheapest and they will come and clear and flush them for £250.  My only reservation is that they all these companies seem to want to leave the slurry in the hedgerow or the field.  This was discussed and the Chairman will continue to look into options




The Summer Party 

This year was a big success despite the weather and although this does not really come under the committee’s umbrella, I would like to thank all the volunteers for the hard work that goes into it.


For those of you that are new residents, this is an annual get together we hold for the residents of SSRA which we hold on silvery sands. Tickets are sold and you are welcome to bring family and friends, the more the merrier.  We have a team of volunteers who organise the food, music and entertainment.  We are always looking for new people to get involved.   A note regarding this event will go out in the next Newsletter and will highlight how you can help and give a date for the first SSRA Summer Party committee meeting.



Subscription increases

It had been decided before the AGM that, as we had an increase last year, we would leave subscriptions at the current level for this year.


However, when the subcommittee has been able to put a plan together we would then review to what level subscriptions should be set at to enable a large enough fund to complete this work within a sensible time period.


Phil Bergquist stated that any increase would need to be proposed before the next AGM.  As the subscriptions run January to December any increase should really be notified before the start of the next year.


It was also discussed how we can “shame” some of the non payers into joining the association. An idea was put forward that we distribute a members list; however Joan Tate stated that although this may be a good idea it is very important that this list was 100% accurate.