Apologies: Sue & Chris Carlsen-Jones, Geoff Richardson & Liping Wang


Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last AGM held on 3rd March 2016 were accepted and proposed by Paul Dodd and seconded by Doug.


Matters arising: There were no matters arising.


Approximately 29 households were represented (approximately 41 people attended AGM inclusive of committee).


Chairman’s report   The purpose of this meeting is:

            - to report the activities of the association to the members

            - to elect the committee for 2017

            - to outline any proposed work and expenditure for the forthcoming year and obtain approval from the members for this.

            - to discuss any group concerns/issues that need addressing


As mentioned at last year’s AGM, the long term goal is to build a large enough fund to enable major resurfacing projects in Wheatsheaf Lane and Thames Side. The main part of Riverside close has a good foundation so we don’t expect any major problems there for the foreseeable future.


There are some potholes appearing in the lower part of Wheatsheaf lane and Thames Side. These will need to be repaired as soon as possible. It is thought that patching and localised repairs should suffice for now. 


Personally, I am still happy to live with this uneven patchwork road surface with the possibly misguided belief that it discourages people speeding up and down our roads. However we are getting close to having a big enough fund to look at a proper resurfacing effort in the next year or 2.

As usual, some hedge trimming and tree cutting is necessary, so any volunteers are welcome. I’d like to thank whomever has trimmed the hedges, particularly at the end of Riverside Close.


New signs have been mounted at the bottom of Wheatsheaf Lane and on the white posts ‘Private parking signs’. The white  posts could do with some TLC??



Treasurer’s Report



The opening audited balance for 2016 was £13,204.27 and we have closed 2016 at £17,680.86.  Of this amount £782.77 belongs to the Silvery Sands Social Team as part of their Summer Party funds.


Despite reminders being sent out throughout the year, 2016 has seen a slight drop in the number of Subscription payments within this accounting year.  However 4 additional households have now paid for 2016 subscriptions early in 2017, and therefore these payments will be accounted for in 2017.  In addition, we have also received payment from 4 households this year for their outstanding 2014 & 2015 subscriptions, so thank you very much. 





                                    Number of Properties       Number of Payments

Wheatsheaf Lane        16 Properties                       10 Payments

Riverside Close           34 Properties                       26 Payments

Thameside                    34 Properties                       24 Payments

Text Box: Total                          84 Properties                           60 Payments                    71%







Subscription Income for 2016 Totaled £4,495.00 with an additional £505.00 relating to 2014/2015 and a prepayment for 2017.




During the year Expenditure totalled £592.00 of which £558.00 was attributed to Gully & Soakaway Clearing.



2017 Subscriptions will be £75.00 and these are now due.


Lastly, a reminder that if payments are made through Bank Transfer it is imperative that the Treasurer is made aware of the date and amount of the transfer and to which property it relates to, so that these funds can be correctly allocated.  The SSRA bank account provides NO details of where the monies have come from even though you may have entered reference information when you transfer the funds.


I would like to thank Linda Graves for taking the time to audit these accounts.


Lastly I would like to thank you for your support to the SSRA during my time as Treasurer.


The accounts were accepted and proposed by Andy Duncan and seconded by Chris Miles.



We will be keeping subscriptions at £75.00 this year. It has been extremely difficult for Dawn to get details from the bank showing who has paid by direct debit so please remember that when you do pay by that  method, please let the treasurer know somehow


David Rowley propose to keep the subscriptions at £75.00

and Chris Miles seconded.



Electing the Committee

As per last year’s AGM, both Dawn and Nik have now stood down. The members thanked them for their time and energies during their positions. The rest of the committee were happy to carry on.


David Rowley volunteered to take up the position of Treasurer, with the caveat that he has support in collecting/chasing up outstanding payments. It was agreed the following responsibilities:


David Rowley – Riverside Close

Chris Miles – Wheatsheaf Lane

Gill KnealeThames Side


The Chair position is now to be jointly shared between Michelle at 79 Thames Side, and Sunita 19 Riverside Close.


The election of the committee was proposed by Phil and seconded by Doug.


Any other business


Summer Party

Once again thanks to the hard work of all the ladies involved, the summer party was another  - even with the usual challenges of the weather. Thanks to everyone who bought gazebos, this seemed to work very well!


This year’s date hasn’t been set but I believe  we are looking at the last Saturday in June as usual . 


 We have a great group of people that help on the evening and thanks very much to you all for that. However we need more volunteers to help on the preparation work. We need help with grass cutting, although John does a great job we don’t want to leave it to him every time. Help would be greatly appreciated with other things such as organising the liability insurance, booking musician etc.  We are also open to any suggestions to change the current format!!!???



Neighbourhood watch

We do not appear to have an active liaison for neighbourhood watch. It has been tried in the past but never really took off.


Apparently Wheatsheaf Lane have a Neighbour Hood Watch representative at number 84. Gill Kneale will contact her and work alongside to create a SSRA Neighbourhood Scheme. Then all police/social behaviour issues can be fed into a central point, to make for an effective communication channel and view.





Road Maintenance

As mentioned at many previous AGM, the long term goal is to build a large enough fund to enable major resurfacing projects in Wheatsheaf Lane and Thames Side.


Keith Slater gave us his expert opinion on any underlying problems that may develop over the next few years. He raised concerns about the feasibility of further patching work on Wheatsheaf Lane.


It was decided that road maintenance and financing be taken off line, and a sub-group created to discuss viable options. This group will report back to members. Doug/Keith/Paul all expressed interest in being a member of this group.


That concludes this AGM we’d like to thank you all for coming and see you all next year. Meeting closed at 9pm



Sunita Parrott – Joint Chairman

Michele  Gibson – Joint Chairman

David Rowley – Treasurer (with support Gill & Chris)

Gillian Kneale - Secretary & Neighbourhood Watch

Bob Douglas

Andy Duncan